Euro Paddle Pass

EPP is an educationform made by the Swedish Kayak and Canoe Federation in cooperation with several European canoenations. EPP is in different levels and you are all invited.
At Ingmarsö Canoecenter you can examine your knowledge in the first 3 levels, that’s the
exerciselevels. For further information take a look at the Swedish Kayak and Canoe Federation.

The levels:      
white yellow green blue, red, black
A positive first contact and introduction to the canoe sport Manage to handle the kayak and practical security Progressed skills An advanced technique with the kayak

Our location:
Norra Ingmarsö (map)

Gunilla Rydback
Brännängsvägen 16

59'28,703 N     018'45,226 E

Gunilla: +46 7 082 502 58
Gustav: +46 7 043 229 14


Find your boattrip to Ingmarsö at
time table 12 or 13.