Paddle on your own and accommodation

Paddle the kayak in the middle part of the archipelago with thousands of islands to explore
and stay comfortable at a genuine homestead.
Catch the ferry from central Stockholm to Ingmarsö, where your paddletour starts. You can
reach the outskerries or choose more sheltered routes. After the tour, the sauna is waiting for you and perhaps a dip in the sea.
You stay at Norrgården, a charming approx. 200years old homestead typical of the
archipelago in the central part of Ingmarsö.

On the island you can find nice tracks, to Brottö Culture protected area or Kolgårdsöns Nature protected area. You can also find bicycles for hire and have a nice meal at the sunny balcony of the restaurant at Ingmarsö.

Time: The ferries arrival/departure p.m/evening
1590SEK/person (approx. 159euro)
The price includes: 2 nights of accommodation, 2 breakfasts, sheets, kayak with
equipment for 2 days, 1 sauna
Not included: The ferrytrip t.o.r. Stockholm
2 lunches, 1 dinner
In-outchecking after agreements
You bring: A dry change of clothes and sunblock

Our location:
Norra Ingmarsö (map)

Gunilla Rydback
Brännängsvägen 16

59'28,703 N     018'45,226 E

Gunilla: +46 7 082 502 58
Gustav: +46 7 043 229 14


Find your boattrip to Ingmarsö at
time table 12 or 13.