Kayaks for hire

You are welcome to hire nice, stable Point 65 kayaks for one or two persons. We are connected to "Kanotvåg", The Swedish Kayak and Canoe Federations of passed Kayaks Centrals.

       day                            weekend                      week
K1  SEK300 (EUR30)   SEK675 (EUR67,5)   SEK1100 (EUR110)
K2  SEK450 (EUR45)   SEK975 (EUR97,5)   SEK1500 (EUR150)

The price includes paddle, life jacket, cover and map.



  • All kayaking on your own risk
  • You are responsible for damages or theft and are liable to pay compensation.
  • We offer no insurances. Check your insurance company if they cover damages or theft of rented equipment


  • You can swim 200m
  • You wear a lifejacket
  • You plot your course in advance
  • You notify us of any delay
  • Bird- and natureprotected areas are to be respected


Booking and payment:

  • You book by telephone or e-mail, confirmed bookings are conclusive.
  • You pay when you get the kayak, cash or with creditcard.

Tips for the kayaktrip

  • Keep the lifejacket on.
  • Beware of weather- and windconditions.
  • Don´t paddle alone.
  • Beware, it´s hard to see you in the low kayak.
  • Keep out of the way for the boattraffic.
  • Bring all rubbish back.
  • Bring dry clothes, in waterprof bags.
  • You need small watercanisters
  • Bring a first aid box and sunblock


  • At the canoecentral you can find:
    fresh water, toilet, shower, sauna (50SEK/person/hour) and bicycles for rent
  • At the south jetty of Ingmarsö you can find:
    ICA-foodshop, post, paymentservice, pharmacy, restaurant, breadshop, petrolstation.
  • On the island you can find several Bed&Breakfast, ex Norrgården

Our location:
Norra Ingmarsö (map)

Gunilla Rydback
Brännängsvägen 16

59'28,703 N     018'45,226 E

Gunilla: +46 7 082 502 58
Gustav: +46 7 043 229 14


Find your boattrip to Ingmarsö at www.waxholmsbolaget.se
time table 12 or 13.