Ingmarsö - the island

Ingmarsö is a living archipelago-island with shop, petrolstation, restaurant, guestharbour,
bakery. There are about 150 inhabitants all year round and about 2000 in the summertime.
Ingmarsö belongs to the community of Österåker.
On the island you can find library, kindergarten with playyard and a school. It´s an island with many small companies, for example TaxiStockholm with it´s
You reach Ingmarsö with the ferries, the Waxholmsbolaget from the south and north jetties, or the Cinderellas from the south, with taxiboats or by your own boat.

Stroll to the west and find Brottö, a Culture protected area shaped by the Highland cattles and with beautiful meadows by the sea.
Stroll to the east along the marked track called “Båtluffarleden”. At the end of the track you
find a rowingboat to borrow (make sure you leave one boat on each side of the sound), row to Idholmen, and the track leads to Finnhamn. There you can visit a farm with ECO-products.

If you like to stay over night at Ingmarsö there are several Bed&Breakfast, ex. Norrgården, a
200 years old homestead typical for the archipelago.


Our location:
Norra Ingmarsö (map)

Gunilla Rydback
Brännängsvägen 16

59'28,703 N     018'45,226 E

Gunilla: +46 7 082 502 58
Gustav: +46 7 043 229 14


Find your boattrip to Ingmarsö at
time table 12 or 13.